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Cat Boarding

Our cattery makes leaving your cat a much easier decision. With an outdoor cat ivory, clean comfortable indoor enclosures, cooling and heating, warm bedding, two meals a day and endless cuddles to make sure your cat has a pleasant stay.
All our cat accommodation has been designed to make sure your cat has a peaceful and relaxed time away from home.
Here at Yanco Pet retreat, we take great pride in cleanliness; litter boxes are cleaned twice a day, enclosures are wiped down and disinfected every day, bedding washed and fresh water given every morning. During the cold winter months split system heating and heat packs under the cats bedding makes for a toasty nights sleep.

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How much?

We charge just $20.00 a day for your feline fur baby and $32.00 a day for a family of two.

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Is your cat vaccinated ?

All cats need a current, annual F3 or F4 vaccination at least 14 days prior to arrival & we will need to see a copy of their certificate.

Cat Boarding: About Us
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